staticmediasWe understand your world, and exist to do one thing; make your ad inventory more effective.

As a Resonate partner, and participating in our Publisher Program, you will be able to deliver more engagement, memorability, and ultimately provide your advertisers what they have come to expect; Metrics, Metrics, Metrics. With patented technology, a world-class team, and a full-service approach, your mobilized ad space will end up on more media plans.

A sample of the publishers our advertiser’s campaigns have appeared in.

Why partner with Resonate?
  • New Revenue Streams.
  • Increase the value proposition of existing inventory
  • Differentiate your ads from alternative publishers.
  • Position your publication as progressive, by adding ‘accountability’ to your ad space.

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By leveraging the mobile device and Resonate’s platform, you give your advertisers:
  • A positive brand experience extending their campaign from your static ad inventory.
  • Optimization. The ability to analyze the results, and optimize it; enhancing what IS working, and reducing what’s NOT.
  • Data. Mounds of data and feed back about the efficacy of the media plan, and conversion ability, enabling measurement of the overall campaign ROI.

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