Mobile Tags

Mobile Tags are visual and audible cues for your target to instantly respond to your advertisement, using their mobile device. By intelligently incorporating these tags into your creative, you enable the consumer to get more information about your company, product, service, or offering.

Our tech team continues to push the envelope, developing new mobile tags, leveraging universal technology platforms. Checkout more details and features of each tag below.


smsWith 99% of phones having the ability to send a text message, our SMS based mobile tag is the go-to tag for our advertisers that would like to make their ad as inclusive as possible.

Prompting the target to send a branded keyphrase to a short code, instantly engages, and delivers them a branded SMS response message, that incorporates a branded URL, and a rich mobile web-app experience.

Within seconds of seeing your ad, your target is getting relevant, targeted information about your product or service.


Capitalizing on the popularity of social media, and the use of #hashtags, this product enables you to socialize your tradtional ad placement.  Marrying your social media efforts with your traditional media efforts, and providing a ripple effect through followers, and retweets across the social media networks.

Available Social Media Networks

Twitter –  Consumers understand today, that #hashtags are a primarily twitter based tag, our platform is now connected into twitter, and listening for your targets tweets.

Other social media networks are planned to be rolled out in 2014.

How does it work?

  • You ad the hashtag to your creative, prompting the targets to “tweet this for more info”.
  • Your target uses their twitter profile to send a tweet containing your #hashtag.
  • Instantly upon hearing the tweet our platform delivers a pre-scripted message with a URL inserted, driving that consumer to your online asset.
  • Most importantly, for all their followers to see, interact with, and retweet.

QR Codes

Once a marketing go-to for mobilizing ads, without high interaction rates, and challenges fitting them into the creative (they’re ugly), this mobile tag has seen some challenges getting traction. Fast forward to today, mobile phones are starting to get adoption for the QR code readers, and we are seeing higher interaction rates depending on the media channel and placement.

Working with our design team, we walk that line between having the QR code visible, and being in your face. It’s a delicate balance, that we have executed successfully time, and time again.

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