Bringing BIG DATA to static media campaigns

loginThe Resonate platform is built from the ground-up  to generate new campaign metrics from traditional static media campaigns.

Our patented technology aggregates all of this interaction data, connecting and allocating all actions back to the media channel, placement, and creative that drove them to respond. Deploying a mobile funnel off of your traditional media placements, your Resonate campaign is working hard to convert your target, and compile valuable data.

Tracking Channel Funnel

We break down and silo all interactions by the tracking channels that we deploy for your campaign.  From initiating with the Mobile Tag, to meeting the campaign goals, on through offline sales driven.

Top to bottom your funnel is allocated back to the media placement and/or creative that drove your target to respond, giving you powerful data to optimize your media buys.

Duration Funnel

Answering the question “have we reached market saturation?” our Duration Funnel will show you if your media buys are getting less efficient over time.

By having the on-demand visibility into the effectiveness of your media over time you can adjust your budget as needed, optimizing your overall results.

Campaign CPE (Cost Per Engagement)

When it comes down to it, we all want to know how efficient are our advertising dollars. Traditional media and our mobile campaigns is no different, so we’ve created our Campaign CPE report, which allocates the mobile costs by the media costs, and provides and instant look at your cost per engagement, and cost per action.

Knowing how your media plan compares on a conversion metric is powerful information that you can use to get the best campaign results.

Interaction Rates

This report layers the publishers circulation and rating data, so that you can see how many of those impressions are resulting in your target to take an action.

How does this interaction rate compare to other mediums? Are the publishers numbers aggressive? Are you paying a premium or discount for the media? These are just some of the questions that this report will answer.

Consumer Profile

Identifying finite consumers that are interacting, and building a profile on each is the job of our patent and platform. This report will enable you to see if your creative and media buy is reaching your target demographic.

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