Engage- Rich Media

The Resonate platform using universal mobile protocols (SMS, email, mobile web) to create a cohesive, positive brand experience from your traditional static campaign.
Average conversion to Key Performance Indicator’s

When your static campaign magic happens, and your target has taken immediate action via a mobile tags, our rich media components kick-in and work overtime to meet your campaigns goals.

Extending your creative, message, and offer to the mobile device keeps your target interested, and moving through your funnel.

Engagement tools at our disposal


Elegant branded consumer interactions using just ASCII characters and our messaging gateway, we draw your highly engaged target further into the campaign.

Whether through SMS, or the social media platforms with #hashtags, the messsaging decision engine interacts real time with your target to keep them engaged.


A dynamic mobile web application that is inexplicably  tied to the creative, keeping your target, interested and engaged. Extending your creative and message to the mobile device with responsive design and responsive goals, these intelligent mini sites, custom built to your campaign’s KPI’s, deliver high conversion rates.


With your target on-the-go, this instant email delivery via SMS and MWAPP, enables your target to submit their email address to receive your campaign content through their email application.

They can view instantly on their mobile device or later at home. Reviewing the full information, forwarding to friends, or sharing across social media channels.  With the Resonate campaign and instaMail, your busy target is able to get in, get succinct relevant information, submit their email address, and move on with their day.

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