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Whether your traditional campaign goals are brand or direct response, Resonate’s platform can greatly increase the effectiveness and your overall ROI.

Using our platform built around universal mobile technologies, and planning for the fact that every target experiencing your ad has their mobile device on them, you’ll increase engagement, leads, recall, and measurability!

Is your campaign working?


This is a question that has been historically difficult to answer with traditional media campaigns, and our data aggregation service is built to answer this exact question.

By tracking all actions back to the media or creative that drove the response, you’ll know how swell your campaign is doing real-time. Using that information to optimize the results within the campaign, or campaign after campaign, you’ll see your ROI skyrocket.

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Bridging traditional media to your digital efforts


Traditional media channels, are still a very effective means to reach your target audience, and the mobile device presents a golden opportunity to connect those efforts to other social media, and online efforts. Resonate’s platform is built from the ground up to empower you to maximize your ROI from your traditional ad budget.

Deploying our platform you’ll engage your target with their mobile device with a very efficient mobile funnel, driving brand, direct response, and social media actions.

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