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We Mobilize your traditional static media,

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Driving brand & direct response actions
Generating high engagement & stronger recall
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Aggregating powerful media intelligence,

Increasing your campaign’s effectiveness & overall ROI

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Traditional Ads, Mobile Powered.

Resonate mobile powers your traditional media ad campaigns. After all, every consumer experiencing your traditional advertisement has their mobile device in their hand. If you are not planning for that fact, you are NOT getting the most out of your traditional media buys.

The Resonate platform converts traditional Static media ad placements, into an Active Engagement and Data Aggregation vehicle that greatly increases your campaigns engagement, recall, measurability, and overall effectiveness

Bring your static campaign to life, by adding universally accepted Mobile Tags

initiate3When your creative and your media buy has done it’s job, and earned the attention of your target consumer, our Mobile Tags provide a immediate, succinct, and easy way for them to respond and interact. Providing relevant instant relevant information to your on-the-go target.

Our Mobile Tags leverage universal protocols, so that all of your target can interact with your campaign. With SMS or social media hashtags, there are no downloads, and hence no barriers to your prospective customer interacting.

Each mobile tag has media or creative that they lend to, so check out the features of each

Explore Tag Features

Deploy our Rich Media features to capitalize on your highly engaged target

initiate2Once your target has indicated interest and taken action, our rich media components, (custom built to your campaign’s KPI’s), take over and deliver high engagement and conversion rates. By deploying elegant Scripts, dynamic nanoSites, and instaMail, we empower you to bring your creative and message to life on your target’s most personal device, the mobile.

scripts – Elegant branded consumer interactions using just ASCII characters and our messaging gateway, we draw your highly engaged target further into the campaign.

nanoSites – a dynamic mobile web application that is inexplicably tied to the creative, keeping your target, interested and engaged. With responsive design, and responsive goals, these intelligent mini sites deliver high conversion rates.

instaMail – With your target on-the-go, this instant email delivery via SMS and MWAPP, enables them to provide their email address to receive a reminder for later follow-up back at their other devices at home.

Explore Rich Media Examples

Aggregate valuable consumer, media and creative data

With the Resonate platform, you get your more of everything, and it doesn’t just stop with brand engagement, and conversions. It’s all about the Data.

Our patented technology aggregates all of this interaction data, connecting and allocating all actions back to the media channel, placement, and creative that drove them to respond.

A quick sample of our reporting:

  1. Tracking Channel Funnel – We break down and silo all interactions by the tracking channels that we deploy for your campaign.  From initiating with the Mobile Tag, to meeting the campaign goals, on through offline sales driven.  From top to bottom your funnel is allocated back to the media placement and/or creative that drove your target to respond.
  2. Duration Funnel – Answering the question “have we reached market saturation?” our duration funnel will show you if your media buys are getting less efficient over time.
  3. Profile – Identifying finite consumers that are interacting, and building a profile on each is the goal of our platform. This report will enable you to see if your creative and media buy is reaching your target demographic.
Explore Reporting Details

An Active Engagement Data Aggregation Mobile Platform

Our platform generates, powers, and reports on mobile tags that are added to your traditional media placement.

Activating your media with our platform’s mobile tags (text messaging, #hashtags, and QR codes), your traditional ad is now inclusive and instantly available for ALL of your target to interact.  It doesn’t stop there with the Resonate platform; now that your target is interacting we engage your target with rich relevant content, and measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

What’s a mobile tag?

Mobile Rich Media

By incorporating the rich media services for our platform, your mobile funnel is fully optimized, and your static ads potential is maximized.

Drawing your target further into your campaign, while simultaneously creating a positive brand experience is the job of our rich media services. Whether it’s our decision engine serving Scripts via SMS and the social media platforms, or a nanoSite providing instant access to rich relevant content, or instaMail enabling your target to continue their interaction at a later point, it’s all executed seamlessly.

Service Details

Deep Metrics

Our patent, and platform is built to bring valuable metrics to where they don’t exist; Traditional Media campaigns. By Deploying our Tracking Channels into your campaign, you can now aggregate valuable data around three major groups.

  • Media and Creative performance metrics
  • Mobile campaigns effectiveness to meet the campaigns KPI’s
  • Building your target consumer database.

Reporting Details

Clients & Partners

Case Study

Check out a case study, and learn how we have greatly increased the effectiveness of other advertiser's campaigns.

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